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             Cipher, Death metal band formed in 1998 but did not acquire its true identity until 2002 with the arrival of David on bass. The same year is released the first demo of the band "Ira Humanum est". With this, the band had the opportunity to get exposed to the region (Limousin).
     In 2003, the band is proud to release its first album "Epidemia" which permit to do more gigs (including a first part of After Forever) and good reviews. These positive feedback motivated even more the band, which in 2005 decided to record a second demo "Desertion". The demo was well received but Cisco quit the band. In 2009, The arrival of François associated with the release of Chaos Sign restores Cipher lost motivation.
     In January 2013 Vivien decided to leave the band, after a long search, it's Florentin that takes place behind the drums in August 2013. the next album: Deviance is about to come out ....